Our Commitments To You

Guarantee Instant to 60 Minutes Online Delivery!
Shopeybd is committed to delivering all your purchases on Game Cards, Game Portal Cards, or Gaming Tools online within 60 minutes, if not instant! We want you to be able to enjoy gaming sessions seamlessly rather than waiting for what you have purchased.

Terms & Condition:-
› Applicable to only Game Cards, Game Portal Cards or Gaming Tools CD-Key products fall under this commitment.
› Shopeybd Terms & Conditions, Payment Policy, and Privacy Policy Apply.

Your Experience

Product Variety
Here at Shopeybd, we have been and will always continue to cater to more game-related products. Our beliefs are to give our customers a one-stop through continuously expanding our product varieties and availability.

Payment Options & Accessibility
One of the greatest achievements that we have been striving for is to provide a lot of payment methods, and today, we have more than 10 payment methods, to further give our customers enhanced shopping freedom.

Direct Top Up
To further enhance your ease of use, we have created a unique system where you can now top-up your game directly from purchases within our site through our seamless Direct Top-Up integration.

Check Out And Digital Delivery
To enhance your shopping experience, our site is specifically designed to give you a seamless checkout system and a near-instant delivery of digital products. Be assured that we will continually upgrade our services to provide all our customers with the best shopping experience you can find anywhere.

Game Conveniently
We do not believe in gaming downtime. Through our seamless digital online delivery and a wide variety of payment methods, you practically do not even need to leave your game station.

Your Safety & Security

How Safe Is Your Information With Us
We at Shopeybd treat the information provided to us with the utmost care and you are assured that YOUR INFORMATION IS SAFE AND SECURED. Keeping you and your personal information secure is a priority at Shopeybd. We continuously research additional measures that can be implemented to ensure that your registered information is safe.

Secure Sockets Layer Protecting Your Transactions
SSL provides you with sound privacy protection by encrypting the channel of communication between Shopeybd and you. Using a mathematical formula, SSL puts the information you exchange into a complex code. Think of it as a kind of armor over the information. Even if intercepted, your data would be extremely difficult to read.

No Hidden Charges
Here at Shopeybd, you can be certain that all you need to pay are included in the final amount. Be rest assured that there will be no surprises in your statements. What you see is what you pay.