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Fifa 21 review- Should you buy FIFA 21?


I have been playing Fifa for a very long time as I commenced from Fifa 99 on the PS 1. so you might rely on my option on the latest installment of the Fifa franchise, Fifa 21, published by Electronic Arts. 

There are a few things we need to talk about and these are going to be some key removal of FIFA 21 in comparison with FIFA 20.

In FIFA 21 ultimate players are having little variety here. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith were in a commentary team in lots of FIFA games but they are now being removed from the game. So you’re going to stuck with Derek Rae and Lee Dixon in every game and every mode. If you are playing in different languages it might vary but for English, these are the commentators for you. As for teams, from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21 Italian Serie A Tim, the Colombian team, and a few others are gone for this season.

Now let’s talk about the modes here.

Volta mode: In the last installations volta mode was very slow and not a lot exciting. In FIFA 21 there is being impressive improvements in volta gameplay. It is much quicker and responsive which makes it exciting and enjoyable to play. The volta shedding has been improved as well. Volta is gonna be volta though, it’s not gonna be the savior of the FIFA game. But it is still fun to play a couple of matches with this improved gameplay. You can also make the squad and play in volta mode with some friends online. There is also story mode where you can squad battle and it is considered the best way to play volta at this moment.

Pro clubs:

As talking about pro clubs there are not many improvements in this installment. Features and stuff are pretty the same as Fifa 20. There has been complaining of some bugs as setting up the tactics in the club it might not go as you expected. Though the new customization system is great. You may get to see some cool new features on customization settings in pro club mode.

Career mode:

The biggest improvement done by EA is considered the career mode here this time. It is not a brand new mode fundamentally but some improvements are here as noise improvements, a new player conversion system, and many more. This year this player conversion system is pretty exciting as you get to convert many players using these features as, Centre Midfielder ( CM), CDM, positions, etc to make them fit better into your team formations. This is a very pleasant feature that everybody is going to love. This installment is more realistic this way with ranking diversity. The cool factor here, You can get started a game in no time, take charge of penalty, or free-kick which is very nice.

Training your player is also a pretty nice feature. You need to find out the best way to train them with not increasing attributes which are very important to give the players a sharpness boost and your first team a rest. The first team doesn’t need to get trained but the other reserved ones are must-needed training. It is nice to start a pre-populated youth academy now where you are going to have ready players.

It’s also enjoyable not to be able to select kits before each game which saves you a bit of time cause the game does it automatically. In Fifa 21, there is a predicted lineup before the game which allows you to see which player is going to play in the opposition and you might want to change your tactics based on that.

AI is also providing player swap proposals in this installment of Fifa 21 which I’m pretty excited for. There is also new negotiations strictness setting which allows you to have a very strict career mode. This going to be very hard. There is a feature of a Financial takeover that allows you to create a budget for your team. For Fifa 21, career mode is giving us lots of new exciting features.

Fifa Ultimate Team, FUT:

FUT is a game mode where you need the best players to compete in the match which is all about the pack, the marker transaction, and the Fifa points. The home stadium is pretty impressive looking and a good fit for the players. Fitness is also being removed which could be a good thing for everyone. There’s also a FUT co-op that leads you to play an ultimate team with some friends but ultimately FUT is going to be determined by its service. Some say the menu is lagging sometimes but we need to see how the gameplay holds up when the service reaches full capacity.


Though everyone has a different style of playing Fifa so there might be a difference in opinions for everybody. This year for Fifa 21 there is no demo so it is pretty hard to try it out for free and see the gameplay. Unless you want to pay for that play trail with due 10 hours early excess. Or you want to pick up the full game and play for yourself. The offline gameplay of this year is most likely to be FIFA 20 as Fifa gameplay hasn’t changed much this year. But also including new things as beta runs, Agile dribbling, Creative runs, and many more. Sometimes it is lagging which is kind of sticky. Though it is better than FIFA 20.

Competitor mode is also a new feature. The ultimate competitor with a stick

The graphic works Look pretty good in Fifa 21. Lighting changes or the inside view of the stadium, these little presentations are pretty amazing to look at. Kit textures are also improved.

One thing that is good with Fifa 21 here is AI is going to offer a free upgrade from the current-gen to the next-gen consoles as you can download it for the next-gen version.

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we see a massive improvement in so many features. Overall I can say Fifa 21 is an incremental update of FIFA 20. It is not fundamentally different, just improved.



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