Everything in AdGuard’s Parental Control

Everything in AdGuard’s Parental Control

  1. Safe Search. Popular search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing – will remove all adult content from your AdGard search results no matter what your child searches for, be it links, photos or videos.
  2. You can restrict the loading of executable files if you wish. As a result, your child will not be able to download any file.
  3. We already have Sensitivity Level. Mentioned. You can select protection from three levels:
    1. For 3 year old baby
    2. For a 10 year old baby
    3. For a 13-year-old child
  4. If you feel that your child is not yet ready to use social media or do not want your child to enter a particular site, you can do so. You can block certain sites in blacklist style if you want or you can set permissions to access specific sites in whitelist style.
  5. There is also password protection. Your child will only be able to visit the site subject to your permission. And it’s up to you to decide if the sites are safe for your child.


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