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Far Cry 6


When do you think of the greatest villain of the video game history, which series brings to mind the most? I bet its “FAR CRY”. Coming in February the next installment of that ionic series.

Fry cry is always being quite a franchise. Not only for its beautiful storylines but also for the side quests. Very colorful environments along with upgraded methods are a delight of eyes. Also, the flaws of a new dawn are being fixed in far cry 6.

Map:  According to the Narrative Director of FC6, Navid Khavari the largest map in the far cry series game is inspired by modern-day Cuba as a fictional tropical land. Aesthetic visuals from the 50s and 60s century “frozen in time” with a set of present days are the idea has considered the most ambitious environment yet. The capital of the country is Esperanza. The whole range of biomes is included along with fictional Jungles, beaches, mountains, and cities on the map.

Storyline:  The Iceland of Yara used to be a paradise but following a number of political situations including some familiar Sounding economic scansion from powerful foreign Nations Yara has become somehow frozen in time. Promising to rebuild the paradise of the past, the people of yara elected “El Presidente” Antón Castillo. Castillo truly believes in his cores and that why he is ready to do what he thinks necessary to achieve his dream of paradise. Dictators love a few military actions, don’t they? And Castillo is no different. Even if it is dropping a life grenade on unsuspecting protesters outside of his compound. Unsurprisingly a vast number of the population isn’t too happy about this and Yara is in a mist of the rebellion, the number of gorilla cells rising around the country. In far cry 6 you will be part of this rebellion. You would be playing as Dani Rojas, the main protagonist guerilla fighter. He is a local Yaran who is fighting for the liberation of his nation. The character is not customizable; it is similar as the player is a boy or girl. For the first time in far cry, You’ll actually see your character during some scenes.

Gameplay:  As per given key info on how things might play out. First of all yards economic scansion for foreign powers has made it stuck in the past nothing has been imported for decades. So everything has to be recycled repaired and reused. Well, Castillo’s armies are well equipped, well organized, and swift to use their power but the rebellion is fractured and vastly under resources. As such expect to be utilizing all manner of unusual and unexpected vehicles and weapons couple together for whatever can be found around in the Island. Your ultimate goal is to dethroned Castillo and gets back the capital of Esperanza.

Furthermore, these Gorilla cells are by no means integrated. It would be a pain to explain gorillas have their own way of agendas that will not always be aligned.

Far Cry 6 is about to publish on February 18, 2021. The game will be available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC.

Get ready with the suitable device to be in the mesmerizing land of Yara otherwise life would be “perfect but useless”



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