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Why you should not download a cracked game!

It is a matter of concern to all gamers as whenever an exciting new video game launches, these brand new ones are quite costly to buy. You can’t have the money for every new game to purchase. Sometimes in terms of playing cheap, some people get to piracy and download cracked games. What is not known here is the fact of how unsafe or awful this can affect.

Today I’m going to share with you some real facts which will unlock your mind and let you understand the horrible effect on the view to cracked pc games.

  1. There is mostly used reverse engineering. These games are altered in several kinds of stuff such as the trial period might be removed or technical restrictions could be reduced. Sometimes game values are being changed as there might not be any key needed.

Largely pirate games are ripped games. These files are formulated in a smaller size by extracting some files from the original game. For that matter, these games are mostly dialogue-free, sound-free, and missing in components. Most of the pirate games don’t work. Sometimes it may get crashed in the middle of the game.

I, myself tried playing a cracked game on my PC once on curiosity. After playing a good few levels when I kind of started loving that game it crushed all of a sudden. That continuously showed some files are missing. You may imagine how disappointing that might be!

 So I bet It won’t be as enjoyable as the original one ever.

  1. Gaming is way too entertaining as you enroll with your friends online. In that case, you should know that most of the cracked games don’t have an online version. So you can’t get into a multiplayer statement with a downloaded cracked version.

Even if you get to join online mode by any means, but it would be different from other players. You won’t be able to match the game or enjoy it in the same manner. And playing online includes tracing you by the creators of the original version. it is easy to detect your information this way. They may withstand legitimate actions.

If you are gaming in play stations, you’re in a more dangerous position to get caught. Your play station may get banned.

  1. Cracked games contain lots of short cuts. It comes with when you download and that keeps redirecting to the crackers website and all. Often new toolbars are downloaded with it. It can change the looking of the desktop in a bit.

Sometimes it redirects to some illegal websites or forbidden porn websites. It’s a tricky trap for youngsters. It can trace your IP address and you might get into trouble.

  1. Most countries don’t legalize cracked copies of an original game. These included some lawsuits over cracking software. The lawful penalty for this may vary counting on upon the nation but commonly it rambles from refunding the copyright owner to paying your time in jail. Though it doesn’t signify that each someone who downloads cracked games or software will be imprisoned. It might be legitimate to operate cracked software in specific conditions such as educational aids for reverse engineering and software cracking. However, you may have a threat of getting punished for doing some illegal or immoral deeds.
  2. According to a survey of AVS 90% of cracked games come with malware. Isn’t it a very shocking number?

The game “watchdogs” came with malware for bitcoin mining. This could be ransomware that can encrypt all the data of the user and assigns him to give money for a decryption key, even comprise illegal movements like botnets. This may hack your chrome cookies including your passwords. Your PC user id can be hacked. All your data can be cleared out. Your information can be leaked. Your pc can be used for others as I said about bitcoin mining. Your privacy would be snatched

  1. Even more fascinating fact, some scammers act to be prominent publishers like Valve or Ubisoft. They commenced bombarding Google with objections under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) against websites Announcing cracked games which in ones do not circulate malware. They are disputing about the websites of DRM protection. The DMCA assigns a separate section to very ailments, and these Charged sites may not question this judgment.

Obeying laws, Google eliminates the “good” pirate sites which causing not to them in Google search. And the “bad” pirates who allocate malware behind the image of cracked games obtained and got on the top of the list. implies when you inquiry for free cracked games you can download more viruses.

  1. Missing DLC is common in pirated games. After 8-9 months of publishing Original DLC, you may get it with your cracked one. There is no updating process so you need to delete the old version and newly install the game. The progress you made lately will be deleted. When in original games it takes updates. It is way easy and convenient here.

Also in the latest games, if there are founded Bugs, Whenever a new patch is released you are assured to get these updates with an original game, With a pirated game – no such luck.

Moreover, You should not download a cracked game to avoid infection of your device. Nowadays so many discounts and offers are available if want to buy video games on a budget payment. Or you can simply rent it from some trustable websites Such as Truth to be told the risk you take when you download cracked games for this is simply not worth it.



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