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Why you should not play or download crack games?

Why you should not play or download crack games??

There is nothing new about running into malware when using pirated products. Those who avoided paying for software back when protection was weaker remember how their resident antivirus would choke on a Trojan when they were trying to run a crack.

Game-cracking hackers need to eat too, so they make a little extra by turning users’ computers into bots or homes for banking Trojans. The chances of downloading a free game without a virus have always been low. But recently, the likelihood of downloading a malicious program not just with a crack, but instead of it, has shot up.

According to a Torrentfreak article, scammers recently launched a major campaign to promote sites with malware.

It goes like this. Scammers actively distribute links to their malicious sites through public and well-known sites such as Google Groups, Facebook Events Calendar, Zendesk, and many others. They include links to download what are advertised as cracks or actual pirated games, and they write how-to guides for them.

The links point to a file storage site, only a malware installer is downloaded instead of the promised game crack. And users, being accustomed to their antivirus identifying a Trojan when installing a game, ignore or even disable it so as to download and install the file in peace.

  1. It Could Introduce Your PC To Malware
  2. Your bank account or other confidential information could be stolen.
    To play any crack video game you have to download the game-related files to run the game. Usually, pc game files take a huge amount of storage and hackers can include a keylogger or any kind of virus that is able to steal your account details like id code, pass, and others. Most of the time if you want to run the cracked game then the game asked you to turn off your antivirus or windows firewall. By doing this your data could be stolen.
  3. It Might Land You In Legal Trouble
    Just like illegally downloading music and movies, stealing video games via piracy is a federal crime. Punishment can range from paying back the copyright holder to spending time in jail.

How to avoid infection?

One piece of advice stands head and shoulders above all others:

Do not use pirated software. Buy games and software. If you really want to play a game but don’t have the ability to buy that full game then we recommend you buy shared account access. By doing this you can play games from the official store and this will save you money.
Install a reliable antivirus and never (ever ever) disable it. They don’t cry “malware” for no reason — no pirate resource, even a “good” one, can offer a 100% guarantee that a free game will come without a virus.
You don’t need to break the bank to get good antivirus protection — we offer a great one for the Best price Click here to check those And whatever you do, don’t be one of those geniuses who download pirated antivirus software and get a Trojan instead — the irony is thick enough to spread on toast.



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